Career Paths

We encourage growth within. In fact, we promote it! With each transition and merger, we continue to create opportunity for our employees to grow into new roles – whether that is within their brand, re-locating to another brand physically or remotely, or within the Turf Masters Brands Corporation itself. We believe that our employees are the forefront of our businesses and will continue to invest their time and efforts into us if we continue to invest our time and efforts into them.

Career Opportunities for Lawn Care Professionals

As a family of brands of lawn care professionals across the Nation, opportunities for growth are endless. There are opportunities in the office, which may include Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Management, Human Resources, and more, as well as field opportunities such as Helpers, Lawn Care Technicians, or Arborists whom are those that physically perform services such as lawn, tree or pest services. Turf Masters Brands allows and provides each brand and employee more resources, more training, and more opportunity to grow and thrive!

Building Careers and Long-term Employment

By helping happy grow, we are helping build careers and promote long-term employment where our employees can work for a company they are proud to be a part of.  Through high quality resource and training, our employees then provide the best service to our valued customers. As a business owner, you want to know your team, and your clients, will be in good hands. Rest assured, Turf Masters Brands is just what you need to help happy grow. As someone entering the workforce, or looking for a career change, we are just what you need to help your lifespan happiness grow, too.

We are passionate about ensuring our employees are happy, healthy, and confident in their role, and help to encourage and allow for change, whenever necessary.

Here at Turf Masters Brands, we have testimonials of employees whom began in the field as a Helper or Yardner and worked their way up as Route Ambassador, running a crew of Helpers and Yardners while being a resource and advocate for their team.

We have testimonials of Customer Service Heroes who dedicated their day-to-day life ensuring their customers are well taken care of, helping grow their local brands, and moving up the ladder to Office Supervisors running a team of Customer Service Heroes. In some cases, this role eventually moved into Turf Masters Brands Corporate, helping create processes and procedures the entire company can implement brand-by-brand for a smooth and streamlined operation. This opportunity also opened the opportunity for other team members and Customer Service Heroes to move into a supervisor role!


In another branch, we have an Office Supervisor who transitioned into a Marketing role, opening up an internal supervisor position there! We also provided the chance for an Office Supervisor to move up to General Manager, becoming the first female General Manager within our family of brands! She was the recipient of the Women in the Green Industry Award for 2022. We even have a few female Customer Service Heroes who wanted a change of pace, moving into the field to become Yardners and are completely thriving!