Our Culture

We believe that building a family with our people as the number one priority will promote a culture and environment where we will continue to succeed. We want to help happy grow, internally, first! In doing so, we believe that the happiness within will encourage happiness externally, as it trickles to our customers, who will help spread the word about us, and eventually make its way to other companies who want to grow with us!

By harvesting an environment that our employees want to be a part of, we can build already successful brands into something incredible.

Here at Turf Masters Brands, we are confident in cultivating a culture where we work to live, not live to work, and in doing so, we continue to provide and encourage careers and new opportunities to our employees with each transition. Truly, the opportunities with the Turf Masters Brands family of brands are endless. If we invest in our people and our culture, they will invest their time and resources back into us!  Together, our Leadership, Office and Field Teams work together to create an inviting, and safe workplace, in turn, providing the best possible care to our customers.

We believe in creating an environment that is professional, but enjoyable.

We encourage productivity by implementing perks when goals are met and trust our employees to do the right thing. We believe in employee participation and appreciation. Here at Turf Masters Brands, we offer opportunities to be rewarded as a whole, and within each individual brand, as they see fit. With the fiscal power we have, we can provide fun perks on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. We can provide remote working opportunities, extended vacations, bonuses, better benefits, support, training and re-investing in the communities and our people.  Are you ready to be a part of something great? Let’s help happy grow, together.